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Last Update: Sept, 2007

NEW! Map index page.

A list of maps on my website and some discussion of where the mountains are.




Peakbagging -

an obsessive compulsive disorder afflicting many hikers...

Partial Success!: Some Peakbagging photo albums NOW link from maps as well as lists of peaks.

The map pages should give you a better idea of where all these mountains are. More to come!

Best. Hike. Ever. Knife Edge Katahdin Maine (oct 05).

You may have heard of the Yosemite Decimal System for rating Rock Climbs (e.g. 5.1 - 5.14 a, etc). For eastern peakbaggers may I suggest: Ken's Bushwack Rating System. It's very simple and clearly illustrated!

New England 4000 any season completed!

Best of Fall Hiking OK, skip over dinner and head strait for dessert! (as advertized on main page).

Animals seen outdoors photos of animals taken while hiking. (part of photography section).

You are here: Mountaineers - galleries of hikes with friends... also accesible from "Friends and Family" page.



Completed! New England 4K - virtual hikes of Maine and Vermont 4000 footers. links to a map here...

Winter NH 4K- virtual hikes of New Hampshire 4 thousand footers in Winter. In progress! Links to a map here...

Hot and Cold Summer and Winter "greatest hits".

New England 100 Highest. (overlaps with the NE4K a lot).

New Hampshire 4K NH White Mountains in all seasons, photos back on-line 9/22/06.