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AMC White Mountain 4000 footers club: 48 peaks in New Hampshire over 4000 feet tall.   AMC New England 4000 footers club: add 14 in Maine and 5 in Vermont to the NH 48 to make 67 peaks.

What is peakbagging and why would anyone do that?!

Wikipedia had this to say about peakbagging:

Traditional climbers or adventurers may argue that bagging devalues the experience of climbing in favour of the achievement of reaching some arbitrary point on a map; that bagging reduces climbing to the status of stamp collecting or train spotting; that it is a little sad and obsessive.

Some baggers point out that making a list of peaks to climb and attempting to finish the list does not detract from one's ability to enjoy the climbing experience as any purist mountaineer might. For these people, peak bagging is simply a motivation to keep reaching new summits.

Personal Reasons

I laughed in recognition at “a little sad and obsessive” because for now, that works very well for me!  I used to be obsessive and compulsive with other activities such as smoking cigarettes (and worse). I quit smoking almost 3 years ago, started exercising, and now peakbagging helps me stay inspired to exercise. 

For example, when my alarm clock rings at 530 am on a weekday, why on earth should I get out of bed an hour and a half early to run and stretch before work?!  Why? Because Carter Dome beckons this Saturday… and with the extra weight of insulated boots and crampons in winter, you have to be in good shape to even try.

So for me, being obsessive about the next climb, even if it just comes from a list, is quite an improvement from former habits.

Besides, what else were you going to climb, the lowest mountains?   Or perhaps the median peaks, or 1 sigma mountains?


As I make up my own “wish list”, I do start to think about the most “Prominent” mountains, an idea introduced to me by Mohamed Ellozy and his list of prominent peaks.

Peaklist.org by Aaron Maizlish is a remarkable resource about prominent mountains. It amazed me how well "Reduced Spire Measure" seemed to capture the dramatic looking peaks. e.g. for the Northeast, Katahdin stands out as #1, and Adams in NH as #2.

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Last update: Mar 4, 2007


NH4Kin any season. (albums back on-line)

New England 4000 footers Finished! Camels Hump Vermont November 12, with Ron. Congratulated by Danny and Audrey from Kedsbackpacking.

In Progress : 43/48 of Winter NH 4K hiked. Finishing it will take just 1 more winters I hope!

NE 100 Highest completed. (often overlaps with NE4K).

now on-line : Friends hikes - if you're looking for a particular climb, your name and the hike may be listed here...


To step back a bit from peakbagging, one bigger question is "Where are the mountains anyway?" I have created a few maps to help answer that question... (regional maps coming soon...)