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My Bible Queries

Starting November 24, 2007

Introduction: Where is the Love?

If you do not have much experience with the Underlying Source of the Bible, or any other inspired work of Art, then whatever interpretation you may have of that Work is suspect, even dangerous.

Granted, I may not have much experience with the Source.

Do you?

How would I know?

Does an advanced degree from a theological seminary necessarily signify much direct personal experience with the Source?

Can you think of more than one example of a “qualified” religious person which casts reasonable doubt on this?

Therefore, my personal direct experience with the Source may very well be equal to, or even greater than a few, some, many or even most of those qualified experts who claim authority to tell me what the Bible or any other inspired work means.

Of course if I want to know the metric equivalent weight of a shekel, or the length of a cubit, the location of a town, the technical experts are useful.

But is it not time for you and I to read this for ourselves?

And why should we continue on under the spell of those rank strangers who claim to be more qualified by their technical knowledge but whose direct personal experience with the Source is unknowable, and for whom some of them changes when the television cameras are off?

Your personal reactions to the Bible are just as valid as mine and just as valid as anyone else’s.

Now let’s purge those demons by returning to the source of our affliction, like an alcoholic resigned picks up the bottle to tug on the hair of the dog that bit him.  They both give me a raging headache but I’m sure the cure must still be in there somewhere!

C3PO to R2D2 (melodramatically): “it’s our lot in life to suffer”

“You've got everything except one thing. Madness! A man needs a little madness, or else...he never dares cut the rope and be free..” – Zorba the Greek.




1 Samuel

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