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Friends’ Meeting: The B Sides

#15 whose Jesus?

Editing note – here’s how a story starts – just the notation form, spit out in about 2 minutes.

After the Gerrymandering article

I forgot about the quandary for beliers.

A jesus I can relate to.

Either A) the DC Comics hero, who really could raise people from the dead.

I can NEVER do anything like that.

See Coehlo’s book and foot note about idealized God and leaving yourself without any good qualities.


B) he did provide palliative care and treated the lowly as equals.


Go into Harvard square right now and try it.  You may get a following.

This turns upside down the regular pyramid of that society

Now I’ve been in churches where they believe in the miracles.

And they believe they still happen.

And pray for them to happen.

Palin’s church in Wasilla Alaska – video of the excitement here –

I saw people “healed” and slain in the spirit.

What did I really see?

The handlers / accomplices at the side.

Their assistance required to keep the movement, keep the faith going.

Am I one of those people?

If Jesus serenely walked towards his death, that’s something I could conceivably do.

Honestly I’m chicken shit and lazy, but…  a much better chance of this than raising the dead.

Think of Raytheon and their pain ray…

To deprive us all of our first amendment rights.


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