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May 2 , 2009:

finally, a Short one:

this little Light of mine

the epic tome:

Who chose the New Testament, and why should I trust them?

As we really are

Why am I here? a collection of responses from poets, songwriters, and philosophers

Rise out of meeting


I just started this writing page / folder, starting with two major fields:




These two unlikely topics tie together (at least in my mind) with this fair warning:

Patriotism is idolatry.

I suspect that it will take quite a while to explain exactly what I mean by this and present evidence for it.

And it will take even longer to somehow share this in a kind, loving, and at least respectful manner to those whom I care about the most, and coincedentally, those who appear to disagree with me the most!

I hope to have a couple short stories up soon.


On Spirituality

'Spirituality'versus 'religion'

inspiration from Pan's Labyrinth

New Project:

My very own Bible Queries. starts here.


In Progress :

Patriotism: "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country FROM its government". Thomas Paine

More Patriotic Dissent...

inspired by the freewayblogger and the contest from michael moore , buzzflash, and after downing street.




Political Writing:

the kick-off:

Why NOT Impeach George W.?



Fan-mail and Hate-mail (also known as "feedback").

If you feel inclined to respond to any themes touched on in this area of my site please use one of the following emails and an appropriate subject line, and hopefully your message in a bottle will get through the spam filters!

writing AT kstewart.net

politics AT kstewart.net


as of 6/2/07 I still have to set up those email addresses.


Political links:

Where I get my "news",

independent media:


(public relations analysis)


(political newsletter)


(independent news and something to do about it...)



Friends' meeting:

the B sides.

Track #1: A dream about Big Boats.

Track #2: Blind as a bat.

Track #3: sexy biblical math problem

Track #4: Rat in me kitchen

Track #5: Cataclysm and Hope

Track #6: Lucifer

Track #7: Origami Swans

Track #8: We may have a problem

Track #10: Visions of the Divine Essence

Track #11: Journal of a Dream

Track #13: this little Light of mine

Track #14: Did Gerrymandering kill Jesus?

Track #15: Whose Jesus?